marys-book - 2994 Bytes Library Services in Mental Health Settings (1997)
Edited by Mary E. Johnson.
Published by the Medical Library Association.

Abstract Although more than 200 mental health libraries exist in the U.S. and Canada, literature on their specialized collections remains scattered. In response to this need for information, Johnson has edited a collection that addresses the special resources, collection development needs, policies, and user services of libraries in mental health settings. The chapter authors are librarians in the U.S. and Canada with expertise in providing informational services in specialized areas of mental health such as psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, developmental disabilities, mental health policy, and community mental health. Library Services in Mental Health Settings is meant to be useful to the graduate library student, public librarian, health sciences librarian, and mental health professional in learning more about the history of mental health library services, the potential for collection development, and provides a mechanism by which librarians can evaluate and improve their services. The volume has tables, an index, and six appendixes, which include a list of organizations involved in the accreditation process, a directory of university affiliated programs for persons with mental health disabilities, and a directory of mental health libraries in the U.S. and Canada.

Table of Contents
The librarian and the mental health community; an overview / Mary E. Johnson
Mental health policy: governmental influence on the community and the collection / Susan R. Heffner
Information resources in community mental health; a Canadian provincial perspective / Bruce E. R. Gardham
Accreditation of mental health libraries and information services / Dorothy A. Spencer and Louise A. Colbert
Revamping and marketing the mental health library in a psychiatric facility / John R. Clark
Library services in mental health academic research centers
Library services for persons with psychiatric disabilities / Mary C. Chaikin
The Missouri developmental disabilities resource center: a university affiliated program library / Anita C. Lyon
Mental health librarianship in a specialized psychoanalytic setting / Leonore (Lee) W. Freehling
Mental health libraries: present concerns and future possibilities / Mary E. Johnson and Judith L. Kash
Clinical information resources in psychiatry: a selective guide / Barbara A. Epstein, Ester Sagafi, Anne G. Foster, Diana M. Dill, James H Fischerkeller, and Julie M. Tedjeske
Appendices : National organizations involved in the accreditation process / compiled by Dorothy A. Spencer and Louise A. Colbert
Regional accreditation associations / compiled by Dorothy A. Spencer and Louise A. Colbert
Mental health information services quality indicators / compiled by Dorothy A. Spencer and Louise A. Colbert
The librarian's role in the provision of consumer health information and patient education / Consumer and Patient Information Section (CAPHIS) of the Medical Library Association
Directory of university affiliated programs for persons with developmental disabilities / compiled by Mary E. Johnson and Jean-Paul Bovee
Directory of mental health libraries in the United States and Canada / compiled by Mary E. Johnson.

About the Author
Mary E. Johnson is the Library Director of the Missouri Institute of Mental Health in St. Louis, a position which she has held since 1984. She has been Chair for the Mental Health Librarians Section of the MLA, and is a Past President of the Association of Mental Health Librarians.

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