AMHL ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Tampa Florida October 12-14, 2001
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Those of us interested in the intersection of health and policy see the need for fundamental research that can be applied to answer the problems in today's society and in the future. Historically, government decision-making is a process of advocacy and bargaining, that power and interests are at stake, and the researcher is a neutral and dispassionate person. However, research is not value-free. Research either explicitly or implicitly embodies a set of values by its focus on certain issues and exclusion of others, by the concepts it uses, and by its methodology. Ideally, research is most effective when researchers and decision makers have accepted the same set of values. It is up to the researcher to frame the results of their research into a product that the decision maker can understand, in a common language, not overly embellished with the jargon of the discipline or of academia.

What influences do research and policy have on each other? How can librarians and information specialists aid in the research process to effectively and positively influence social policy for underserved populations? How can "information" people best serve to inform policymakers, professionals, advocates, and consumers in the new millennium?

This meeting will provide cutting-edge research that is influencing state policy, engage librarians and researchers in a dialogue to see how both can best facilitate the process and the product of research, and provide information on new trends and technologies to enhance research and librarianship.

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Welcome, Featured Tracks ran on Friday and Saturday, Poster Sessions and an Evening Reception on Friday, and Dinner at the Columbia to conclude out the meeting.