AMHL ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Tampa Florida October 12-14, 2001
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Keynotes, Featured Tracks ran on Friday and Saturday, Poster Sessions and an Evening Reception on Friday, and Dinner at the Columbia to conclude out the meeting.

ester-carmen.gif - 24522 Bytes
Ester Saghafi, Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic, outgoing AMHL president, and Carmen Bou Rivera, Pomerance Library and Resource Center
derrie-ester.gif - 33817 Bytes
Ester and Derrie Perez, Dean of the USF Library system comparing notes
john-bruce.gif - 28528 Bytes
John Robert Davies, Florida School of Professional Psychology and Bruce Gardham, Missouri Institute of Mental Health
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Cindy Stark, Assistant Dean of the de la Parte Institute talking with Mary Johnson, Missouri Institute of Mental, Health and Arlene Krizanic, Adler School of Professional Psychiatry.
cluster2.gif - 35757 Bytes
Barbara Wessel, AMHL Secretary, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Barbara L. Folb, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Library, and Neal Van Der Voorn, Program Chair /President Elect Western State Hospital Branch Library taking a Kodak moment.
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Patricia Pettijohn, the de la Parte Institute Library, Arlene, Mary, and Mark Stover, San Diego State University Library
rachel-et-al.gif - 27076 Bytes
Rachel Vigneron, Austen Fox Riggs Library, and winner of a beautiful green silk shirt at the gift drawing that night, standing with Carmen and Arlene.
ardis-derrie.gif - 26835 Bytes
Ardis Hanson, Program Chair and incoming AMHL President with Derrie.
postersession.gif - 28411 Bytes
Beth and her husband by her poster session on mental health librarianship components in library science programs
amy-laptop.gif - 27568 Bytes
Amy Tracy Wells, Belman Wells Consultants and speaker at the conference, doing a last minute touch-up on her presentation.
arlene.gif - 26515 Bytes
Arlene, another shutterbug, enjoying the moment.
rachel-amy.gif - 30916 Bytes
Rachel and Amy